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And I will wait for you... always.


Love this kid❤

Anonymous Asked:
My boyfriend is going into the marines next year, what is is like? Part of me wishes he wouldn't go but it's his dream and I would never step in the way of that.

My answer:

It honestly varies from day to day. Some days are good, and some days are just terrible. I wasn’t with my boyfriend when he went through bootcamp, so I can’t tell you how that is because I don’t know, but right now he’s in Japan and it’s pretty difficult. I mean I can talk to him and we FaceTime and Skype, but it’s still hard ya know? There are so many days when I ask myself why, but it was his dream to do this so I will always support it.
All in all, it has its ups and downs. But seeing your man pursuing his dreams is something that will always be admirable. There are so many people who will support you and be there for you, so it will be okay :)

hold-out-for-paradise Asked:
good luck! (:

My answer:

Thank you! :)

Last night he told me he was going to Thailand for a month in February.

How can we be sure that it’s only going to be a month?  Will I be able to even talk to him or send him letters?  I know I still have some time, I mean it is 5 months away… but I’m stressing about it now :/

Can someone just talk to me or give me some advice? Please?


My marine is currently over in Japan, and I miss him more and more each day.

This blog is dedicated to our (currently) long distance relationship.

I absolutely adore him, and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life <3

No matter where you are...

I love you, Jesse.

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